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The Old Guard Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed in 2012 by a group of retired correctional peace officers from the 135-year-old Folsom State Prison.  

The Board of Directors proudly boasts a collective total of more than 115 years of varied and distinguished service in Corrections.

The OG Foundation works to advance the public’s understanding of the Corrections profession and its peace officers through communication, collaboration, and education.

The organization is also committed to collecting, preserving, and displaying the history of the profession for future generations. Through the development, construction and operation of the planned Big House Prison Museum, the OGF is creating a national repository that will give the world an unprecedented look at life behind prison walls.

Our Mission

To dispel the negative stereotypes that have historically unfairly surrounded the Corrections profession by fostering positive relationships with other local, national, and global law enforcement groups, elected leaders, criminal justice educators, and our neighbors in the communities where we work and live.

Our Vision

The idea of a distinctive location for the exhibits, artifacts, and personal stories that graphically detail life behind the wall was borne of a desire to illuminate the realities of the Corrections profession.

Specifically, to highlight the historical importance of the Folsom area and its role in Corrections; to give visitors a glimpse into the real world of prisons, inmates, and the men and women who stand guard; to professionally enhance and engage current and future correctional peace officers; and to honor the brave officers who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice in their duty to the profession.

Through the real stories, gripping photographs, documentaries, videos, artifacts, and jawdropping exhibits, visitors to the Big House Prison Museum will learn the true inside story of the Corrections profession.

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