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We are grateful for the many people and organizations who proudly stand behind the Big House Prison Museum project.  Whether business owners, corporate and city leaders, or Corrections officials around the nation, they, too, believe in the importance of historical preservation and the power of working together to improve communities.  We wholeheartedly thank them for their support and friendship.


“The OG Foundation board members have demonstrated an outstanding interest in the history of Folsom Prison. Their dedication to a nationwide museum to give justified recognition to the makers of that history and to educate the general public about life behind prison walls is much appreciated.”

Robert Borg, Retired Warden, Folsom State Prison and California State Prison, Sacramento

“Being able to tell the story of the history of Corrections in California and set before the visitors both artifacts and pictures is invaluable. Your prison system is well known, and the museum will represent the pride that is a part of this system and your great state.”

Jim Willett, Director, Texas Prison Museum

“The existing museum has so many interesting and educational exhibits that cannot be displayed due to lack of available space. Like the Railroad Museum in Old Town, the Big House Prison Museum will provide a major attraction to the area, as it tells the fascinating story of the role prisons played in California history.”

Matt Kramer, Retired Warden, Folsom State Prison

“I represent hundreds of professional correctional peace officers who would love to have our profession recognized and represented. The Big House Prison Museum will be a destination point for tourists, students, and the general public. Correctional peace officers are in support of sharing our story and this project is the perfect venue.”

Ray Castro, President, Folsom Chapter of CCPOA

“The addition of the Big House Prison Museum, with its collection of artifacts, will convey to the visiting public the historical significance of Corrections in California.”

Bill Anderson, President, Folsom, El Dorado & Sacramento Historical Railroad Association, Inc.

“The number one question tourists ask us in our museum is, ‘How do I get to the Folsom Prison Museum?’ It’s that popular! It is exciting to consider the link of the prison to our local history and the partnership we can have with the Big House as you expand.”

Mary Mast, Director, Folsom History Museums

“We have long enjoyed the iconic Folsom Prison Museum as a historical must-see in our area, and look forward to the educational features and continued community presence that the new museum will provide.”

Joe Gagliardi, CEO/President, Folsom Chamber of Commerce

“We field many requests in our visitor center from both domestic and international visitors who want to see the prison museum first hand. A professional and contemporary facility would do a great service for the state as well as the proud legacy of Corrections. As partners in promoting this region and its many assets, we are strong supporters of the Big House Prison Museum project.”

Mary Ann McAlea, Executive Director, Folsom Tourism Bureau

“This new museum will ensure that the artifacts that tell the story of Corrections in California and beyond will be properly preserved for future generations. As partners in the effort to maintain a safe, vibrant community, we are pleased to support the Big House Prison Museum project and the recreational value it will bring to our community.”


Charles L. Pattillo, General Manager, California Prison Industry Authority

“The Big House Prison Museum will take advantage of the prominent site and easy access to provide a venue that will respond to people’s fascination with Folsom State Prison, and educate the public with photographs, videos, artifacts, exhibits, and talks. This museum will be a major asset to the city of Folsom and the state of California.”

Roberta Long, Former Editor, Folsom Life and Village Life; Author, Folsom 1960-Present (publish date: Spring 2015)

“We must continue to educate the public of the work that is done by the law enforcement officers that are rarely seen in keeping the community safe. As partners in the effort to maintain safe communities, we are pleased to support the Big House Prison Museum project and the interesting recreational value it will bring to your community.”

David Wedzina, President, Attica Prison Museum, New York

“The present Folsom Prison Museum provides an example of the need for more education and preservation of our correctional history. It demonstrates the potential of expanding local resident attendance and providing a world-renowned tourist attraction. This new museum will offer an unparalleled look into the correctional world as it relates to the complex criminal justice system.”

Diana Butler, Retired Warden, Folsom State Prison

Friends of the Museum: Welcome
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